Clements Foods Company

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Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

A full line of jams, jellies and preserves are produced to the highest standards, using select domestic and imported fruits and juices. All products are vacuum processed in a state-of-the-art facility.

Available formulas include a full range of Grade A “Fancy” First Label products, as well as quality lines of intermediate and generic grade products. Our packaging includes color-coordinated closures on jars, as well as tamper evident “Safety Buttons.”

Clements Foods is the only jam/jelly/preserve producer packing a full line of flavors in an 18 oz. reusable tumbler.  The package is completely recyclable and reduces the amount of solid waste going to the landfill.

12/10 oz. jars
12/12 oz. jars
12/18 oz. jars
12/18 oz. reusable tumblers
12/32 oz. jars
6/48 oz. jars
6/64 oz. jars
6/#10 cans
12/20 oz. squeeze bottles

Apple Butter is produced from fresh apples and seasoned with a delicious combination of aromatic spices.

12/28 oz. jars
6/#10 cans

Six varieties of low-sugar fruit spreads are available for the calorie conscious consumer, including Grape, Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Apricot, Peach, and Blackberry.

12/15.5 oz. jars

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